Tablet & Capsule Product Lines

AC Compacting has many decades of experience in tablet presses and tablet compression technology. Accompanied with a portfolio of quality manufactured products, our experienced personel will work with you on formulation development on up through your small scale solid dosage manufacturing and clinical trial productions.

Tablet & Capsule Products:

Weight Sorting (Tablets & Capsules) - The SADE SP weighers are used by pharmaceutical manufacturers for sorting solid dose oral forms, such as tablets and capsules, by weight. Typical applications include sorting batches of tablets or capsules for pharmaceutical R&D, formulation development, clinical trials and for product reclamation. The SADE SP Series tablet and capsule Weight Sorters includes floor standing models with bulk hoppers and bench top models.

PTK Rotary Tablet Presses (Tablets) - We offer a complete line of PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) rotary tablet presses, ranging from a small R&D press to production scale single- sided, double- sided and multi-layer tablet presses. PTK presses incorporate GMP design and the latest in rotary tablet press technology.

Phoenix Compaction Simulator (Tablets) - The Phoenix compaction simulator is used to help determine the fundamental properties of compressed powders and to simulate production conditions in rotary tablet presses.The Phoenix Powder Characterization system offers the very latest in hydraulic powder compaction simulators, equipped with a state of the art digital control system and software.

PTK Capsule Fillers (Capsules) - We also offer the PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) automatic capsule filling machines. PTK capsule fillers feature GMP design, and advanced controls with PTK's exclusive CAPLER™ control technology.

Printers (Tablets & Capsules) - The PI/450-CME production tablet printer is used to print high resolution, single-color images on one side of tablets or capsules. The PI/450-CME can print on a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes, such as on oval, round, and oblong shaped tablets.

Dedusters (Tablets) - The AC Compacting Tablet dedusters that feature low consumption piston driven air motors that can be completely disassembled and immersible for cleaning

Inspection Systems (Tablets) - The Ikagami TIE 7000A has the capability of inspecting tablet for diffuse stains, printing defects, and many other defects with a high degree of accuracy.

Autosampler (Tablets & Capsules) - The AC Compacting Autosampler is designed to automatically take samples from a solid dosage production machine at user-defined intervals, manually at any time, or based the production time of the machine. The product is collected into sample collection bins and then transferred to your testing operation.

Checkweigher (Tablets & Capsules) - The CI high precision sample checkweighing system handles any size or shape of tablet or capsule to provide statistical analysis and control for up to 20 production lines simultaneously.

Tablet Coaters (Tablets) - We offer a small, bench top fluidized bed tablet coating apparatus from Caleva Process Solutions, Ltd. It is used to apply aqueous and non-aqueous coatings onto very small samples of tablets or spheroids. We also offer a range of pan-type tablet coaters from PTK.

Equipment Customization and Integration

AC Compacting can custom build to customer spec, as well as integrate our products into new or existing infrastructures.