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SP Connect Software

Sample of SP Connect Report

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SP Connect is suite of software applications that allow data to be transferred between CI SADE SP Series tablet and capsule weight sorting instruments and standalone or networked PCs using the instruments’ Ethernet connections to exchange data. Data are exchanged securely in XML format via TCP/IP protocols and Windows Sockets. SP Connect runs as a service in the background on a Windows server or on a PC running the Windows operating system. Multiple SP Series Sorters can be connected to a single computer running SP Connect.


SP Connect supplements the direct printing capability of the SADE SP Series instruments allowing results and reports to be created and stored on a PC in a secure PDF format. Enhanced full color reports can be automatically printed on local or network printers and results, reports and individual weight readings can be exported into MS Excel ™ for further analysis. All files have unique names with batch ID and time stamp, and (depending on access rights) can be stored under user specified file paths.


SP Connect produces detailed, easy to read reports with your company logo. All Individual weight readings can be transferred to a PC or server. Sort and batch reports can be automatically transferred and system settings and library and calibration reports can be transferred on request.

Validation Documentation:

SP Connect has been designed in accordance with GAMP software development guidelines. An optional software validation support documentation pack is available that can assist in validating SP Connect.


SP Connect is supplied as a single server licenses allowing installation on one PC or network server for use with one SADE SP. Alternatively, SP Connect can be expanded for use with multiple SADE SP instruments by purchasing additional SP Connect Instrument Licenses.

  • For SP Series Instruments
  • Save reports as encrypted read only PDF files
  • PDF files protected by 24 character randomly generated password and 40 bit encryption
  • Export reports and individual weight readings to MS Excel files
  • Sort and Batch reports can be automatically transferred
  • System settings, library and calibration reports transferred on request
  • Supports continuous sorting and sample check weighing modes
  • Print enhanced full color reports with graphics to local or network printers
  • Detailed, easy to read reports w/company logo
  • Can be used with multiple SADE SP sorters
  • Optional validation documentation available


  • PC running SP Connect connects by standard RJ-45 Ethernet connection to sorter by standard ADSL router or LAN.
  • Multiple SADE SP Series sorters can be connected to a single instance of SP Connect.
  • Data is exchanged securely in XML format using standard TCP/IP protocols using sockets.
  • SP Connect runs as a service in the background on the PC or server.
  • SP Connect can be used with Windows XP.
  • SP Connect can also be used to export data from CI’s SP-4C sample checkweighers and QM-HTDm.
  • Validation documentation.
  • Additional SP Connect licenses for additional sorters.