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SP-B40 Benchtop Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorter

SADE SP-B-40 Tablet and Capsule Weight Sorter

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The new SADE SP-B40 Bench Top tablet and capsule weight sorters are ideal for use in the laboratory by pharmaceutical manufacturers for sorting of small batches of pharmaceutical solid dosage oral forms by weight.

The SADE SP-B40 is a high speed, benchtop sorter with an accuracy of ± 1.0 mg at a throughput of 80 PPM or greater (depending on dosage form aand operating conditions). Like the SADE SP140SP240 and SP440 sorters, the SP-B40 is equipped with the new pre-weighing feed gate and improved weighing algorithms for faster sorting speeds compared to previous benchtop models.

Applications, SADE Tablet and Capsule Weight Sorters:

  • Reclaim good product from batches of tablets or capsules rejected by weight
    • Entire batches are often rejected because some of the solid dosage oral forms are not the correct weight. A SADE sorter can be used to reclaim good product from rejected batches. Using a SADE sorter in this manner enables you to realize substantial cost savings, especially if the product is scarce or expensive.
  • Reclaim good tablets pressed during tablet press run-in and run-out
    • Tablets made on a press during start-up and shut-down usually have varying weights and are discarded. A SADE sorter can be used to recover good tablets that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Research and Development (R&D)
    • SADE sorters can be used for statistical analysis of tablets/capsule weights for clinical trials.
    • Over-encapsulated dosage forms can be sorted on a SADE sorter to confirm that capsules contain the correct number of tablets.
    • Rejected development batches can be 100% weight sorted to recover good product. Considerable cost savings can be realized since products in development are often scarce or expensive.  
  • Quality Control (QC)
    • Batches can be 100% weight sorted on SADE sorters for complete quality assurance. 

    Check-Weighing Mode:

    The SP B-40 Benchtop can also be used in a check-weighing mode to monitor the uniformity of batches.

    Weigh Head:

    The SADE SP series sorters are fitted with the CI MK6 weigh head for improved weighing performance and accuracy. All SADE SP sorters include an integral draft shield to protect the product and reduces the disturbances caused by air currents. The feed mechanism has also been redesigned for more accuracy and consistency.

    Latest Improvements To The SADE SP Series:

    The newest improvements to the SADE SP-B40 now includes an improved and more intuitive touch screen user interface, real time display of sort statistics and advanced diagnostics.

    Pre-Weighing Gate:

    The pre-weighing gate used in the SP series sorters is one of the latest innovations from CI Precision.  The pre-weighing gate loads the tablet or capsule onto the scale more precisely than if the gate were not present. The pre-weighing gate, combined with new sorting algorithms, enables the new SADE sorters to achieve weight sorting speeds more than 50% greater than with previous models.

    Sorts Capsules & Tablets:

    The unit can be quickly changed over between products without the need for change parts, and is ready to handle virtually any pharmaceutical solid dosage form. All contact parts are made of electropolished type 316 stainless steel or FDA approved PEEK plastic.

    Control Software:

    The SP series has sophisticated control software that has both the sorting and check weighing modes and will present the appropriate statistical data for each mode in the batch reports. In check weighing mode, units can check weigh samples of up to 1,000 tablets and capsules to provide statistical analysis of the weight data. With USB and Ethernet connectivity, the SP series sorters can be connected to local or network printers. In remote mode the SADE SP sorters can be linked to a central batch record or control system using an XML interface.

    SP Connect Software Suite:

    SP Connect is suite of software applications that allow data to be securely transferred between CI SADE SP Series sorters and standalone or network PCs using the instrument's built in Ethernet connection. With USB and Ethernet connectivity the SP series sorters can be connected to local or network printers as well.


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  • NEW higher speed (65-75 pieces/minute)
  • Improved touch-screen user interface
  • Compact, bench top unit
  • No change parts required
  • Multi level access control
  • Product and method library
  • Sample checkweighing mode
  • Integral draft shield
  • Sorts nearly any size tablets and capsule
  • View and print statistical reports
  • Quick and easy cleandown and product changeover
  • All product contact parts are electro- polished 316 stainless steel or FDA approved PEEK plastic
  • Clean down procedure only 30 minutes
  • Newer, more accurate weigh head (load cell)
  • Multiple sorting modes and batch statistics
  • USB connection to standard printer for report generation
  • In remote mode can be linked to central batch record or control system by ethernet
MODEL SP B40 Benchtop
Hopper Capacity: NA
Sorting Rate:  ~65-75 per min.
Weight Range: 0 to 2g
Balance Readability: ± 0.1 mg
Reproducibility: ± 1 mg
Zero System: Automatic
Air Supply: Clean, dry air at 45-75 PSI
Air Consumption: Very low, < 3 liters per hour
Supply Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 HZ
Power Consumption: 120VA
Data Output Connections: RJ45 Ethernet, 2 X USB
Dimensions (mm): 410D x 668W x 250H
Product Contact Parts: Electro polished 316 SS or PEEK (polyetheretherketone to FDA 21 CFR 177.2415)

Note: Actual sorting speeds will depend on solid dosage form characteristics and environmental factors such as vibrations and air currents that may be in the room where the sorter is located.

  • Validation Documentation DVD (Design & Functionality)
  • IQ Document and IQ/OQ Template
  • Material Certs
  • Accessories Pack
  • Combined Spare Parts Pack & Accessories Pack
  • SP Connect Software Suite (Basic data transfer to a PC)
  • SP Connect Software Validation Documentation
  • SP Connect Additional Server License

Small Parts Sorting for Industrial Applicatins:

  • Extended Weight Range Option (up to 9 grams)
  • Custom Feeding Solutions