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CI Precision: Weight Sorters

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CI Precision (formerly CI Electronics) a British company founded in 1965, specializes in the design and manufacture of precision weighing systems for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries.


CI Precision's areas of expertise include precision weighing, product handling, electronic design, software design, GMP and validation. They have a strong technical team and develop and manufacture all of their own products.


CI Precision SADE SP sorters are designed for the accurate weight sorting of tablets or capsules into accept and reject categories. They are versatile units offering flexibility, accuracy and quality. They handle many shapes and sizes without the need for any change parts and can be quickly dismantled for cleaning.


As a reclamation tool they save valuable batches and offer high accuracy weight sorting of development and clinical trial batches. The SADE SP Series sorters can sort most standard shapes and sizes of tablets and capsules without the need for change parts. The SADE sorter are both very easy to clean and set up between batches.


All SADE SP Series sorters come standard with sophisticated control software which allows for multiple sorting modes and can calculate statistical data for inclusion in a printed batch report.


With USB and Ethernet connectivity, SP Series sorters can be linked to local or network printers as well as a central Batch Record or Control System using an XML interface.


The optional SP Connect Software Suite can be purchased to allow communication and secure data exchange between networked SP Instruments and PCs. Data can be printed as enhanced reports and stored on a computer in a secure PDF format.


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SADE weight sorters are also extensively used in industrial applications for 100 percent sorting of small parts. The types of small items that have been sorted by SADE sorters include small machined or sintered metal parts, sprinkler head inserts, fuses and bullets. There is an Extended Weight Option (EWR) for weight sorting small objects as large as nine grams.


Customization of any sorter can be performed by AC Compacting to suit your specific application.

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MODEL SP-B40 SP-140 SP-240 SP-440
Mounting: Benchtop Floor Standing
Hopper Capacity: NA 60 liter
2 x 60 liter
150 liter
Weighing Channels: 1 1 2 4
Sorting Rate: ~65-75 per min. ~4500 per hour ~9000 per hour ~22,000 per hour
Dimensions (mm): 410D x 668W x 250H 840D x 810W x 1465H 840D x 1100W x 1465H 1148D x 1364W x 1493H
Weight Range: 0 to 2g
Balance Readability: ± 0.1 mg
Reproducibility: ± 1 mg
Zero System: Automatic
Air Supply: Clean, dry air at 45-75 PSI
Air Consumption: Very low, < 3 liters per hour
Supply Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 HZ
Power Consumption: 120VA
Data Output Connections: RJ45 Ethernet, 2 X USB
Product Contact Parts: Electro polished 316 SS or PEEK (polyetheretherketone to FDA 21 CFR 177.2415)

Note: Actual sorting speeds will depend on solid dosage form characteristics and environmental factors such as vibrations and air currents that may be in the room where the sorter is located.

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