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PI Syringe Printing Machine

Printing International Syringe Printer

The machine uses the rotary pad principle to print onto syringes. The syringes are automatically supplied to the revolving head for fixation onto the mandrels. The syringes are pretreated, printed, dried and then unloaded by an automatic ejection system.


The capacity depends on the exact syringe dimensions, and on the versatility of the machine (i.e., Do you want a faster machine designed for one specific type, or a slightly slower, more flexible machine?).


The machine is fully automated; if the supply of syringes cannot keep up with the printers pace, the latter will slow down.

  • Very High Print Resolution
  • Very High Print Quality
  • Automatic Operation
  • PLC Controls


OUTPUT: Depending on the syringe, up to 15,000/hour can be printed. Here are some examples of the output capacity on a flexible machine:
1 mL: 15,000/hour
5 mL: 12,000/hour
10 mL: 8,000/hour
20 mL: 7,500/hour

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