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PI450-CME Production Printer

PI 450 CME

The PI/450-CME production tablet printer is used to print high resolution, single-color images on one side of tablets or capsules. The PI/450-CME can print on a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes, such as on oval, round, and oblong shaped tablets.

The PI 450 is unique in the tablet printing industry.  It utilizes our unique closed ink cup pad printing technology rather than a roll printing technology.  In pad printing the tablet is held stationary by a vacuum while the pad transfers the image to the tablet in a vertical motion.  This, when coupled with the closed ink cup steel doctor blade and high precision image plate, allows the PI450 to produce the highest resolution and clearest print in the industry. Output of over 400,000 tablets per hour is possible.

This outstanding performance is coupled with a CFR 21 part 11 compliant control system and GAMP4 support documentation. In addition to this, the system can be equipped with a visual inspection system that can verify correct printing and reject any out of specification tablets. The printer can also be furnished to with a multi-tablet or a single tablet reject system to work in conjunction with a tablet printer mounted inspection system.


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  • Ultra High Resolution Printing
  • Print on very small tablets
  • Print on friable tablets without damage
  • High resolution allows more information to be put on a tablet 
  • Unique and complex images can be printed
  • Helps protect against counterfeiting
  • Differentiate you products from the competition
  • Print machine-readable codes (2D data matrix and barcode)
  • Easy to clean yielding fast change over times
  • Better quality images than rotary offset printing
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Patented closed cup ink system
  • High output
  • Automated visual inspection option
  • High accuracy logo registrations

Up to 400,000 pieces/hour can be printed (depending on dosage form size, shape and other characteristics).

Please contact us directly to discuss your particular tablet printing application

  • Vision inspection system with tablet reject
  • Tablet lifting elevator
  • Tablet de-ionisation system
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Ink mixing system
  • Validation documentation package