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Printing International: Tablet Printers

Printing International(PI) has over 30 years of experience building machinery to print on all kinds of surfaces. With the introduction of the PI/450-CME production tablet printer, PI offers the capability to print high resolution, single-color images on one side of tablets or capsules. The PI/450-CME can print on a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes, such as on oval, round, and oblong shaped tablets.

The PI 450 is unique in the tablet printing industry. It utilizes a patented closed ink cup pad printing technology rather than a roll printing technology. This allows the PI450 to produce the highest resolution and clearest print in the industry with an output of over 400,000 tablets per hour.


The PI 450 tablet printer utilizes a soft, FDA approved silicone pad to transfer the images from a flat etched plate to the tablet. The image is transferred to the tablet in a linera motion while the tablet is held in place by a vacuum plenum.  It is the stationary pick up and deposition of the image that gives the PI 450 its extremely high resolution.

While being sent through the printing process, the tablets are held in series of segment plates, with cavities made specifically for the particular tablet being printed.  This assures an image registration of +/- 0.2mm, giving the PI450 the ability to print over a larger section of the tablet as well as register images on very small tablets.