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Caleva Bench Top Mini-Coater Dryer

Caleva Mini Coater Dryer with Stirrer

Would your product development program benefit from a fluid bed tablet and spheroid coater that can work with as little as a single tablet of a few grams of spheroids?

Other tablet coaters work with a minimum of 300 to 500 grams of tablets. The Caleva fluid bed tablet and spheroid coater will coat from a single tablet to about 130 tablets, or as little as about 20 grams of spheroids.

With the Caleva Mini Coater/Drier it is possible to coat and dry as little as a single tablet or a few grams of spheroids. The apparatus is designed as two small compact units with the spray cone suitable to be used within a fume cupboard if toxic substances are used within the apparatus.


Although primarily designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry the Caleva Mini Coater/Drier can also satisfy other applications such as coating granules with catalytic material, coating of chocolate shapes and other confectionery, coating of fluid filled gelatin capsules.   It is the ideal apparatus for trial and development work.


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  • Easily fits on your benchtop.
  • Coats tablets and spheroids.
  • Convenient batch size from 1 to 130 tablets.
  • Easily coat up to 60 grams of spheroids or pellets.
  • Dry up to 100 grams of spheroids or pellets.
  • Ideal for coating small amounts of material.
  • Ideal for coating small amounts of material when products are costly or in limited supply
  • Small numbers of repeatable samples can be made for trial work
  • Excellent quality of applied coating
  • Small quantities of tablets can be produced quickly for testing of experimental coating materials and or the development of a few coated tables for experimental use.
  • Potentially expensive or scarce tablet or spheroid materials are not wasted.
  • Better quality coating than with a pan coater

Production Capacity:

Coating Tablets:

Coat from 1-130 tablets

Coating Spheroids:

Coat from a few grams to about 60g of spheroids/pellets

Drying Spheroids:

Dry pellet/spheroid batch sizes up to 100g

Processing Time:

Spraying/drying a sample of tablets or spheroids normally takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on coating materials and the thickness of the required coating.

Product Size:

  • Pellets: Down to 200 microns
  • Tablets: Up to 10mm diameter

Standard Design Configuration:

Size: approximately 50 x 55 x 60 cm.

Weight: approximately 32kg.

Material: Cabinet is grained 304 stainless steel.

Contact parts in 316 stainless steel, PTFE and polypropylene.

All machine pipework in stainless steel and acetal.

Coating solution flow controlled by a Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump.


Electrical supply single phase. Voltage according to customer requirements. Compressed air with a flow rate of 60l/min at 2.5 bar required.

Operation and Controls:

Custom designed microcontroller based system

Monochrome LCD graphic display

Mechanical agitation control variable from 10 to 25 Hz.

Airflow control variable up to 60CFM at source

Peristaltic pump variable from 5 to 50ml per hour (dependant on delivery pipe diameter)

Air temperature variable from ambient up to 700C with feed back loop control.

Count up timer with start/stop and reset controls.

A “wake –up” condition. The last used experiment parameters will be stored and when the machine is switched on all parameters will start set at their last used condition.

Operational parameters:

Air flow, temperature and vibration frequency are user controlled.

Consumable Items:

Polypropylene mesh discs

Silicon tubing (0.8mm bore or 1.6mm bore)

  • Heated magnetic stirrer
  • The optional anti-static kit (ion gun) can be purchased if the accumulation of static electricity is a problem