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Caleva and PTK: Tablet Coaters

We offer a full line of tablet coating equipment ranging from a bench top R&D fluidized bed unit  to a range of fixed and interchangeable pan (drum-type) tablet coaters. 

The Caleva Mini Fluid Bed Tablet and Spheroid Coater is a small, bench top tablet and spheroid coater. It sprays aqueous coatings onto small samples (from 1-20 grams of tablets, pellets or spheroids) while the samples are suspended in a heated, fluidized bed air stream.

We also offer a range of pan type tablet coaters manufactured by PTK. PTK tablet coaters spray aqueous- or solvent-based coatings onto tablets while the tablets are agitated in a rotating pan, or drum. We offer interchangeable pan coaters for R&D and pilot plant applications as well as larger, fixed drum coaters for large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing.

PTK tablet coaters can be supplied with advanced control systems and a range of options designed to suit your tablet coating needs.