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Model 500 Spheronizer

Caleva Production Spheronizer 500

The Caleva Model 500 spheronizer is a compact, floor standing spheronizer ideally suited for use in environments such as:

  • Contract manufacturing.
  • Pilot plant.
  • Mid–range production.


By way of example, with its standard castor feature, the Model 500 spheronizer has the inherent transport mobility / portablility to be easily relocated and is well suited for 24 / 7 operation.


The Model 500 spheronizer is designed to work in concert with the:


Some of the standard features for the Caleva Model 500 floor standing spheronizer include:

  • front flush mounted manually operated controls with indicator lights and LED RPM display,
  • clear plastic magnetically interlocked safety cover over spheronizer bowl / drum,
  •  spheronizing disc with 6 mm x 6 mm truncated pyramid pattern,
  • manual loading of wet extrudate into bowl / drum,
  • automatic pneumatically actuated  spheronized product discharge door on bowl / drum, and
  • clear plastic covered spheronized product discharge chute with compressed air blast


A variety of optional accessories and features are available with the Caleva Model 500 spheronizer and include:

  • spheronizing discs with 1 mm x 1 mm or 2 mm x 2 mm or 3 mm x 3 mm truncated pyramid patterns,
  • spheronizing disc with radial grove pattern,
  • spheronizing disc washing,
  • automatic run timer,
  • fines  air system,
  • jacketing of bowl / drum ( for indirect heating or cooling applications ),
  • spheronized end product discharge proximity switch,
  • LED digital ammeter display,
  • data display module, 
  • the Caleva DataStor – 2 TM software package, 
  • product contact material certificates,
  • FAT and SAT, and
  • validation IQ / OQ documentation package.


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  • Portable / mobile, floor standing configuration.
  • Compact LxWxH floor space foot print.
  • Simple, easy operation
  • (2) Swivel lockable wheels.
  • (2) Non–swivel, non-lockable wheels.
  • Front flush mounted manually operated controls with indicator lights and LED RPM display.
  • Clear plastic magnetically interlocked safety cover over spheronizer bowl / drum/
  • Spheronizing disc with 6 mm x 6 mm truncated pyramid pattern.
  • Manual loading of wet extrudate into bowl / drum.
  • Automatic pneumatically actuated spheronized product discharge door on bowl / drum.
  • Clear plastic covered spheronized product discharge chute with compressed air blast.
  • Fines discharge tube connection (when cleaning / removing fines from underneath spheronizing disc).
  • Pre–wired with external power cord.
  • Removal of spheronizing disc with manual disc lifting device.
  • Suitable for Use in Combination with Caleva Model 35 floor standing screen–type extruder, Caleva Model 40 floor standing gear–type extruder, and in some cases, Caleva Model 20 bench top screen–type extruder
Feed Configuration:  Manual loading of wet extrudate
Nominal Overall Dimensions: 1,205 mm W  x  660 mm D  x  1,270 mm H
Nominal Assembled Weight: 380 kg
Cabinet:  Grained 304 SS
Contact Parts:     316 SS, food – grade plastic, and Acrylic
Controls:  Front Mounted including: Electronic speed control by means of ten (10) turn potentiometer with LED digital RPM display, Power, Motor ON indicator lights, START / STOP pushbutton, and emergency E – STOP pushbutton.
Manual and Automatic Operation:
  • Electronic timer and pushbutton controls included, for spheronization time and spheronized end product discharge.
  • The use of the automatic mode of operation permits the operator definable process times.  
  • The manually adjustable Auto / Manual  selector switch allows for use of timer function control when required.
Nominal Extrudate Load: 5 – 8 kg per batch
Estimated Cycle Time:  4 minutes per batch
Nominal Processing Capacity: 75 – 120 kg per hour ( Above nominal processing capacity is approximate and can vary depending upon the bulk density, diameter, and other properties of the wet extrudate being spheronized, plus the estimated ( spheronizing ) cycle time per load )
Nominal Spheronizing Disc Speed:  300 – 800 RPM
Spheronizing Disc Supplied: One ( 1 ) 6 x 6 mm truncated pyramid pattern
Spheronized Product Discharge: Automatic
Drive Arrangement: 4.0 Kw, 3 Phase, AC, self – cooled motor
Electrical Utility:  230 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz, or 460 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz, or 480 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz
Compressed Air Utility:  5 – 6 Bar Supply Pressure ( for use with pneumatically actuated spheronized product discharge, air blast,  and optional fines air system )
Standard Documentation: Installation / Operation Manual, Parts List, Completed Quality Control Check Sheet, and CE Declaration of Conformity Certificate
  • Various disc patterns: 1mm x 1mm / 2mm x 2mm / 3mm x 3mm and 6mm x 6mm truncated pyramid patterns, and radial groove pattern.
  • Spheronizing disc washing feature.
  • Automatic run timer (mounted on front of base stainless steel enclosure).
  • Fines air feature (5–6 Bar compressed air pressure to be supplied by customer).
  • Jacketing of the bowl (for indirect heating or cooling of the bowl. NOTE: actual heating / cooling circulatory supplied by customer).
  • Spheronized end product discharge proximity switch.
  • LED digital ammeter display.
  • Data display module.
  • Customized controls and display(s).
  • Caleva DataStor – 2TM ( Data ( Kw, RPM, Degrees C ) Collection and Reporting Software) ( Lap Top Computer System or Personal Computer System supplied by customer )
  • Product Contact Material Certificates
  • Validation Installation Qualification ( IQ ) / Operational Qualification ( OQ ) Document Package ( includes product contact material certificates )
  • Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT  ) and Site Acceptance Test ( SAT )
  • Installation, Start – Up and Training