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Caleva Process Solutions Ltd: Spheronizers

Caleva, a UK based company, offers a very complete size range of Single Drum Spheronizers; starting with the Model MBS and ranging on up to the Model 700 Twin spheronizers.

The Model MBS is a multiple bowl spheronizer that is suitable for bench top / counter top use in a formulation laboratory environment.  The following single drum and single disc configurations are available for use with  Model MBS in four (4) sizes: 60 mm, 85 mm, 120 mm, and 250 mm diameters; all for use and interchangeable on a single base platform.  Extrudate loadings, ranging from 10 grams on up to 1 kilogram, can be processed with the Caleva Model MBS spheronizer, depending of course on which of bowl and disc size is in use.


Caleva’s mid – range spheronizers include the Model 380 spheronizer and the Model 500  spheronizerThese floor standing, portable spheronizers satisfy the need to process extrudate loadings ranging from 1 - 4 kilogram and 4 - 10 kilograms respectively per batch. The Model 380 spheronizer and the Model 500  spheronizer are suitable for use in clinical trial, pilot plant, and small to medium production environments.


The demand to spheronize extrudate batches at a production rate above the capacities of the Model 380 spheronizer and Model 500  spheronizerare satisfied by the Caleva Model 700 single floor standing spheronizer (5–20 kilograms per batch ( product dependent ) ).


Higher production demands, in excess of 5–20 kilograms per batch, can be accommodated by the Caleva Model 700 Twin floor standing spheronizers.  For this arrangement, two (2) single  Caleva Model spheronizers are combined into a dual (twin) configuration, such that 10 – 40 kilograms per batch ( i.e. 5–20 kilograms per batch per spheronizer  x 2 spheronizers ) can be spheronized.


In addition to satisfying higher production demands above and beyond the capability of a single Caleva Model 700  spheronizer, the twin spheronizer configuration upgrades the normal batch spheronization unit operation to a continuous unit operation.  The addition of  automated feeding of the twin spheronizers saves labor and provides more consistency from load to load.


For more detailed information about any of the Caleva  spheronizers, just click on the Model that interests you, on the rght hand side of this page, to see a general description, features & benefits, specification, and options for that particular model.