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CI Precision: Specialty Weighing Systems

In addition to the SADE Tablet/Capsule weight sorters, we also offer other weighing solutions from CI Electronics, Ltd.


The Ci Dispensary Management System (DMS) is designed to ensure efficient and consistent dispensing of pharmaceutical excipients and APIs in a secure data environment with full audit traceability.


CI Electronics has recently developed a SADE SP Benchtop with a twenty position carousel. This unit is used for the accurate weighing and sorting of a sample of up to 20 tablets. After weighing the system places each individual tablet into a numbered position in the carousel.


Another example is the CI Depot Checkweigher which has helped establish Electronics as an innovative provider of weighing and sorting solutions. Originally developed in collaboration with a leading British-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, the Depot Checkweigher is now used at several sites in Europe where there is a need to sort subdermal polymer inplants to an accuracy of +/-0.2mg. The depots are designed to slow-release active pharmaceutical doses for the treatment of some cancers.


We can provide custom weighing solutions to meet a wide range of high accuracy weighing or sorting requirements.