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Randcastle: Randcastle Micro HME Extruders

The use of Hot-Melt Extrusion (HME) for manufacturing complex drug delivery systems has recently been receiving a lot of interest because it offers a number of advantages over traditional, solvent-based pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

The Randcastle Microturder line of small, vertical, single screw lab extruders are ideal for R&D HME applications where materials are particularly scarce or expensive, with batch sizes as small as 10 grams. Randcastle's patented technology results in mixing performance equivalent to conventional twin-screw HME extruders more …

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(In Inches)
(Max1 Inches)
RCP-0250 0.250 10 to 115 grams 0.03 0.33 1.3 cm3 460 cm3
RCP-0375 0.375 29 to 352 grams 0.06 0.75 5 cm3 1,925 cm3
RCP-0500 0.500 82 to 983 grams 0.132 1.0 15 cm3 1,925 cm3
RCP-0625 0.625 168 to 2040 grams 0.15 1.5 34 cm3 1,925 cm3
RCP-0750 0.750 0.5 to 6 pounds 0.18 2.0 73 cm3 325 cm3
RCP-1000 0.100 1 to 18 pounds 0.19 3.0 107 cm3 700 cm3
RCP-1250 1.250 1.9 to 35 pounds 0.21 5.0 283 cm3 1,600 cm3

Outputs shown here are for guidance only and were dreive from machines run under typical conditions.. Actual output will depend on many factors.

  1. If this dimension is close to the maximum feed stock dimension, lab testing might be prudent to insure performance.
  2. A standard RCP-0500 screw will accept most conventional 1/8 inch pellets.
  3. The volume of low output screws is about 60% less and the free volume of highoutput 50:1 L/D Recirculator screws about twice as high.