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QM-HTDm Tablet Hardness, Thickness, Diameter Tester

The CI Electronics Model QM-HTDm Tablet Hardness, Thickness and Diameter Tester.

The QM-HTDm: one unit for testing a tablet's hardness, thickness and diameter. The QM-HTD is quick and easy to use. Hardness and thickness tests can be taken concurrently reducing the operator's time for separate recording of these measurements. The unit can be set to measure hardness in Kp. N or Sc.

For ease of testing, up to 99 product names and their associated limits can be easily entered into the unit's memory. Products will be automatically tested against these limits and the operator quickly alerted to any sample failures.

The operator can determine the sample size suitable for their testing regime. Once the measurements have been taken the results of each sample are printed out. The data includes hardness, thickness and diameter measurements for each item sampled and statistical data on the sample as a whole.

Sample results of a particular batch and product monitored on that line can be accumulated and a batch summary printed at any time. The printout shows the product name, batch number, time sample taken and QM-4BM serial number. It lists the individual weights of the sample and shows the mean weight, the SD and CV. The operator is alerted to a drift from the target weight and sample failures are clearly indicated.

The unit is designed to handle most tablet shapes and sizes. Simple change parts ensure accurate location of elliptical tablets. Custom made saddles can be made for unusual shaped product to guarantee repeatable results every time.

The design of the QM-HTD allows for quick and simple calibration procedures. A calibration 'check' can be performed daily and a 're-calibration' procedure can be completed when necessary or at six monthly intervals.

CI is sensitive to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry for comprehensive Validation Documentation to assist in meeting the requirements of the FDA and European regulatory authorities. CI can supply a complete set of Validation Support Documents with the QM-HTD. The detailed information in these documents represents a great saving in time and research for the customer.

  • Tests Hardness, Thickness and Diameter
  • Hardness units in Kp. N or Sc
  • Handles most tablet shapes and sizes; Custom saddles can be made for unusual shapes
  • Contact parts 316 SS; the non-contact parts are 304 SS
  • Quick and simple calibration procedures
  • Validation Support Documents Available
  • NEW - Network printing option
  • NEW - "Remote Mode" operation
  • Comprehensive validation support packs are available
Specifications CI Electronics QM-HTDm Tablet Hardness, Thickness and Diameter Tester
Thickness Tester: Range: 1.0 to 15.0 mm, Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm
Hardness Tester: Range: 2.0 to 30.0 kp, Accuracy: +/- 0.1 kp
Diameter Tester: Range: 2.0 to 30.0mm, Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
Air Supply: Clean dry air 5 bar
Supply Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 HZ
Power Consumption: 50VA
Dimensions: 420mm W x 333mm D x 175mm H
  • Validation support documentation.
  • SP Connect software suite.