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The PR-3500 Series Triple Layer Tablet Presses

View of PR-3500 Triple Layer Tablet Press with Doors Closed

The PTK PR-3500 "Diamond" Series is a high speed tablet press capable of producing one layer, two layer and three layer tablets. The PTK PR-3500 tablet press is designed for today's current cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.


The PR-3500 Series presses features an efficient layout providing easy access to the interior for cleaning and maintenance.

The PS-Con control and data acquisition software incorporates the PWR (PharmTech Weight Regulation) system utilizing displacement and force sensors to effectively monitor and regulate tablet weights within a user specified range. The PS-Con 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software features a user-friendly HMI interface that allows for recording and control of all main process  parameters, events and allows for establishment of recipe files. Data acquisition affords the ability to learn more about a product's compression characteristics so that the manufacturer can optimize tablet compression and downstream processes for greater efficiency.

PTK's multi-layer tablet presses are equipped powder scrapers necessary to keep the different powders segregated from one another and recirculators to recycle the powders back into the feeders.

The zero-clearance powder feeder continuously applies a force onto the die table, thereby, reducing dust and material loss. The feeder and feeder base can be dismantled without any special tools. Different types of impellers and optional powder feeding solutions can be used to improve the feeding of poorly flowing powders.

The press is built around a robust frame constructed to withstand the considerable forces encountered during rotary press operation. Identical, vibration free pre- and main- compression rollers are controlled by servomotors that provide precise positioning. Internal covers are fitted to prevent dust from migrating into the roller assemblies and cam tracks. The covers can be easily fitted and detached without tools.

A wide range of options are available for the press and the customer will benefit from AC Compacting's extensive tablet press experience and philosophy of customer support.

  • User friendly PS-Con software with touch screen HMI and simple control structure
  • Pharmtech Weight Regulation (PWR) - automatic, high speed tablet weight control system
  • Capable of pressing single, double or triple layer tablets
  • Symmetrical, ergonomic design provides a comfortable working enviroment
  • Servo motor control for precise regulation of tablet thickness and weight
  • Main compression force measurement as standard
  • Turret pressure load measurement as standard
  • Three-piece turret with hard chrome plated die table (SS turret is available as an option)
  • Pre-compression
  • Auto-detection of fill cam
  • Zero-clearance powder feeder reduces powder loss and prevents excess dust
  • Dust extraction ports
  • Three Stainless Steel (SS) hoppers (approx. 8-10 Kg capacity each) with sanitary connectors and butterfly valves.
  • Mechanical zone isolated from production area
  • Product contact surfaces constructed of FDA approved materials
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Quick set-up and change over

Specifications, PTK PR-3500 Three Layer Rotary Tablet Press

Tooling D B BB BBS
Number of Stations 43 52 63 68
Main Compression Force (kN) 1 100 100 100 100
Max. Tablet Diameter (mm) 25 16 13 11
Max. Output, Single Layer, (tabs/Hr) 2 90,300 124,800 151,200 163,200
Max. Output, Double Layer (tabs/Hr) 2 77,400 109,200 132,300 142,800
Max. Output, Triple Layer (tabs/Hr) 2 64,500 93,600 113,400 122,400
Max Filling Depth (mm) 1st (2 - 6) 2nd (3.5 - 10) 3rd (5 - 14)
Max. Tablet Thickness (mm) 9
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1,697 x 1,469x 1,966
Electrical Cabinet (mm) 700 x 650 x 1,850
Weight, Machine (kg) 4,600
Weight, Cabinet (kg) 140
Power 220/380 VAC 50/60 Hz
Control System Voltage 24 VDC
  1. Maximum compression force varies with the tablet size and output.
  2. Maximum output is dependent on material, tablet size and compression force.

Specifications may be subject to change without notice.



  • Tablet deduster (vertical, spiral type)
  • Dust collector
  • Open feeder
  • Powder loading system
  • Forced Impeller Feeding Hopper (IFH) for poorly flowing powders
  • Upper and lower punch tightness sensing
  • Pre-compression force measurement
  • Ejection force monitoring
  • Stainless Steel (SS) turret
  • Turret table
  • Provision for effervescent tablets
  • IQ/OQ and validation support documents
  • SAT and press commissioning support services