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The PTK PF-3000 Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

The PTK PR-3000 Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

The PTK 3000 series automatic capsuling machines are designed to automatically fill powder, pellets and tablets into hard gelatin capsules. The PTK F-3000 series is especially suited for production environments where maximum throughput and high capacity is required.

PTK's CAPLER HMI touch screen is intuitive and well laid out and with a user-friendly design. PTK's software ensures the optimum capsule quality with automation control and production data management. Production data, alarms, operator logins and machine settings can be stored and recalled to aid in uniform capsule production, allow for product traceability and document machine history. A management group can be created, deleted and modified by an administrator to control user access levels with passwords. In the event of a machine stop by an alarm, it is easy to determine the cause of the alarm by referring to the diagnostic display. The display proposes a solution for alarm so the operator can quickly resolve the issue and resume production.

The powder is augured into the powder filling assembly and compressed into slugs in five tamping steps before insertion into the capsules. The clean design of the tamping pin holder facilitates easy assembly/disassembly and ensures precise depth control. The capsule holder assembly is designed to prevent the accumulation of excess dust inside the assembly. The powder hopper features an air-assist cylinder so that the hopper can easily be raised. PTK's new powder scraper design reduces the weight deviation of the capsules. Optional pellet and tablet feeding devices are available.

Empty capsules are sorted and oriented before being fed into the feeder. The feeder utilizes a raceway and side pusher for easy feeding into the segment. The simple design of the raceway and side pusher makes for quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

The Turn Table's segments and segment holders are precision machined and rotated by a PLC-controlled indexing movement. The alignment of segments is improved by the use of a straight bearing.

Filled capsules are closed and ejected by a blast of compressed air. After the capsules have been discharged the segment is cleaned at the Dust Cleaning Station. The Capsule Discharge assembly is designed to prevent the formation of a vortex during discharge.


All of the assemblies used in the capsule filler are designed for easy detachment and fitting with a minimum of tools, making maintenance, cleaning and changeover very convenient for the user.

  • User friendly PS-Con software with touch screen HMI and simple control structure
  • Pharmtech Weight Regulation (PWR) - automatic, high speed tablet weight control system
  • Double sided press capable of high speed single layer or double layer tablet production
  • Built-in turret change system
  • Octaganol, space-saving design with easy access to press interior
  • Servo motor control for precise regulation of tablet thickness and weight
  • Main compression force measurement as standard
  • Turret pressure load measurement as standard
  • Fixed, three-piece turret with hard chrome plated die table (SS turret is available as an option)
  • Pre-compression
  • Auto-detection of fill cam
  • Zero-clearance powder feeder reduces powder loss and prevents excess dust
  • Dust extraction ports
  • Two Stainless Steel (SS) hoppers (approx. 8-10 Kg capacity) with sanitary connector and butterfly valve.
  • Mechanical zone isolated from production area
  • Product contact surfaces constructed of FDA approved materials
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Quick set-up and change-over

Specifications PTK PF-3000 Series Capsule Filling Machines

Model PF-3016 PF-3018 PF-3020
Number of Segment Holes 16 18 20

Maximum Output

Powder (caps/hour) 115,200 129,600 144,000
Pellets (caps/hour) 92,160 103,680 115,200
Capsule Size #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4
Main Motor Power (kW) 2.2
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1,600w x 1,800d x 1,750 h (2,050 h including hopper)
Weight, Machine (kg) 2,300
Control System Voltage 24 VDC
Power 200/400 VAC 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure (kg/cm3) 6 - 10
Air Consumption (liter/min) 1,050

Specifications are approximate and may be subject to change without notice.

  • Pellet Filling
    The optional Pellet Filling System inserts pellets into hard gelatine capsules. It minimizes weight deviation by adjusting the supply of pellets to achieve the target weight.

  • Powder Loading
    The optional Powder Loader automatically loads powder into the machines hopperby means of a vacuum transfer. Both automatic and manual modes are available so the machine to the machine can be for unmanned production.

  • Product Change Parts
    The machine can be easily re-configured to fill different capsule sizes. Additional Change Over Part Kits for other sizes of capsules are available.

  • Capsule Loader
    The optional automatic Capsule Loader elevates capsules to the machine and helps prevent capsule separation and crushed capsules during loading. 
  • Capsule Poliser and Sorter
  • Dust Collection
  • De-Jamming Device