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Bench Top Mini-Mixer Granulator

Caleva Mini-Mixer Granulator

The Caleva Mini Mixer is small, bench-top laboratory mixer-granulator that is based on the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer. It provides the ability to rapidly mix granulate or blend a wide variety of materials in small batches. It is a highly effective product development tool for the food and pharmaceutical industries especially when only small batches of limited, expensive or potent materials are available.

The batch size is dependent upon on the material being processed and the bowl size used. The standard bowl can process batches up to about 50g. The half-size bowl is more suitable for smaller batches of about 10 grams. The additional bowl can be purchased later if the need arises. A jacketed mixing bowl can be purchased to heat or cool the product as it is being processed.

An integrated run timer is provided to allow the automated timing of the mixing and/or granulating cycle. Timing can be set to run as a standard.

The mixing bowl contains two horizontal, contra-rotating mixing blades. The secondary blade rotates at twice the speed of the primary blade. If necessary, the rotation of the mixing blades can be reversed. This can be benificial at the end of the mixing cycle if processing highly viscous or sticky products. Blade rotation reversal can be automated by setting the integrated run timer.

The Caleva Mini-Mixer granulator is availabel in two versions: The basic model described above and the DataStor-Enabled version.  The Caleva DataStor is a data acquisition software package which runs on a Windows computer. When the computer is connected to the Mini-Mixer by a USB cable, product temperature, blade RPM and power usage (real-time and total) data is collected and stored. Data are displayed in real time, can be exported to an Excel spread sheet, and if necessary, a one page report summerizing the experiment may be printed. (The Caleva DataStor is also used to collect data from other Caleva products.)     

The Caleva Mini-Mixer granulator conforms to today's GLP standards. Product contact surfaces are manufactured of 316 stainless steel and FDA food approved plastic. The cabinet is constructed of brushed 304 stainless steel.

Typical Applications:

Powder granulation with small quantities of liquid.

Additional liquid addition to existing wet granulations.

Mixing liquid with dry powder to form wet granulations, paste or slurries.

Blending small batches of powder.

Mixing batches of slurry or cream to an already existing slurry or cream.

The mixer is used primarily as a proof of concept tool at an early stage of product velopment where Scale-up is not a primary concern.


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  • Easily and effectively mix small batch sizes of various materials. Especially useful if products are expensive or in short supply.
  • Granulate, mix and blend small batches of powders, liquids and slurries.
  • Standard, half-size and jacketed bowls available.
  • Easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Integratd run timer.
  • Blade rotation is reversable.
  • 316 Stainless Steel and food grade plastic product contact parts.
  • Small footprint. Uses a limited amount of bench space.
  • Use in early stages of product development.

Maximum capacity full size bowl: Up to 50 grams.
Maximum capacity half-size bowl: 10-15 grams.

Operation and Controls:
“Power On” Indicator, “Safety Status” Indicator, “Motor On” Indicator, Run time indicator

Electronic motor drive and speed control.
Primary blade speed: 5 rpm to 90 rpm.
Secondary blade speed 2x primary blade speed.
Panel mounted tachometer displays primary blade speed in RPM
Emergency Stop Safety Button.
Safety interlocked polycarbonate safety cover.
Integrated run timer with twin function capacity (one forward, one
reverse) timer.

Data Collection and Manipulation: By optional Datastor 2 data acquisition system.

Electrical Supply: Single Phase 110/120-220/240v according to customer requirement.

Size: Bnch space requirement approximately 450 mm x 500 mm.

Weight: Approximately 35kg fully fitted.
Cabinet material Cabinet is 304 stainless steel.
Contact parts: Mixer work head, shafts and paddles are 316 stainless steel and acrylic.

  • Half Bowl/Blade option set for smaller samples sizes. Please contact us to decide which bowl you should chose to be included as standard.
  • Jacketed bowl.
  • Sample bowl heating system.
  • Datastor 2 ™Enabled. Mini-mixer equpped with all sensors, wiring and USB connection required to interface with a PC or laptop running the DataStor™ data acquisition software. Runs on WindowsTM PC or laptop. Collects, displays in real time and stores power usage, primary blade RPM and product temperature. Data can be stored, exported into an Excel spreadsheet or printed as a one page summary at the end of experiment run.
  • High containment option.
  • IQ/OQ templates.
  • Mill certs.