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Ikegami: Inspection Systems

Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in the Western Hemisphere and recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras, closed circuit TV equipment, computer display monitors, industrial power supplies and medical camera systems.

With the introduction of the TIE 7000A, Ikegami has produced an unsurpased piece of inspection technology. TIE 7000A has the capability of inspecting tablets for diffuse stains, printing defects, and many other defects with a high degree of accuracy.

The 50 micron resolution cameras allow detection of minute particulate and even allows detection of fibers both on and protruding from the tablet.

With an output capacity of up to 250,000 tablets per hour, the TIE 7000A can contribute greatly to improving product quality, consistency and safety, as well as helping to improve overall production efficiency.