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Gabler DE 120 Hot Melt Extruder

 Representation of the Gabler DE 100 Hot Melt Extruder

The Gabler Model DE-120 is at the high end Gabler DE twin screw hot melt line and is suitable for full scale pharmaceutical manufacturing. The DE-120 is a twin screw, co-rotating extruder surrounded by a thermal jacket. The capacity of the DE-120 ranges from 300 to 1,000 kg/hr, however, the actual number will be determined by the formulation and application requirements.

The DE-120 twin screws are made up of individually removable segments. These segments are chosen based on the application. For example if you desired to mix several materials at the front end of the extruder then mixing segments would be located just underneath the feed point of the screws. This section would then be followed by the other sections required to handle the specific application. The casing is split horizontally along its entire length so that you can inspect the condition of the material being processed along the full length of the shaft to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

 The actual product yield from the DE-120 is very high because the the co-rotating screws are self cleaning, and there is very little material left behind in the machine when a run is completed.

  • Configurable screw segments.
  • Custom feed arrangements.
  • Various sizes die starting at 300 microns.
  • Horizontally split case.
  • Full length heating/cooling Jacket.
  • Systems up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Mobile.
  • Residual material is very low.
  • Broad capacity range.


Output: 300-1000 Kg/Hour (formulation dependent).

  • Heating system.
  • Product pressure indication.
  • Product temperature indication.
  • Cooling water temperature indication.
  • Display product temperature in degrees C (IR-Probe).
  • Feeder(s).
  • Screw elements of various configurations.
  • Pneumatic pusher/bridge breaker in feed hopper.
  • Special dies or strainer plates.
  • Mobile frame unit and electrical cabinet.
  • Cutting device at discharge.
  • Food grade motor lubrication oil.
  • Screw extension of 5D (base unit is 10D).
  • Tempering unit for hot water (HU-9).
  • Extended temperature range.
  • Tempering unit up to 200 C.
  • Thermo-Oil –NSF H1/T1 for one circuit.