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Gabler: Gabler HME Hot Melt Extruders

Gabler, a design and manufacturing company located in Southwest Germany in the town of Ettingen, provides high quality single- and multi- shaft extruders similar to those supplied in the plastics, rubber and food industries.


The machines that have been provided to pharmaceutical customers have met GMP requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Gabler, is already a major player worldwide (including North America) in the supply of gum systems for pharmaceutical companies producing oral dosage forms in the form of chewable gums. At the beginning of this process is a Gabler Extruder. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly designing better drugs and more sophisticated delivery systems.


Gabler offers a complete line of extruders from research to high capacity production machines. Unlike a typical low pressure /low temperature extruder commonly used in the Pharma Industry to extrude a formulation, the Hot Wax Melt extruders do not use screens and are dual shaft machines (not single shaft). The pressures developed in the encased extrusion barrel are much higher than screen extruders and they are capable of being heated and cooled to the appropriate temperatures required by the product. Additionally you can add several different materials at the front end of the extruder, including liquids, so that the extruder can act as a mixer thus eliminating the mixer that is required with the screen type extruders.


The shafts are made up of sections of varying pitch and flutes so that you can place the correct section where it is needed. In other words the machine is configured to meet the process not the process having to be compromised because of the machine.


Gabler Hot Wax Melt extruders are referred to as the "DE Series," starting with the DE-40, the smallest of the DE Series, with a capacity of20-100 kg/hr; followed by the DE-100 that ranges from 100 to 300 kg/hr; and finally, the largest machine, the DE-120 that can handle up to a maximum of 1,500 kg/hr but more typically can process from 300 to 1000 kg/hr.