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Model 35 Screen Extruder

Caleva Extruder 35

The Caleva Model 35 Extruder is a vertically oriented radial screen type extruder designed for use in the large scale pharmaceutical production environment as well as the smaller scale clinical or pilot plant production setting. The extrusion process can be easily scaled up from the Caleva’s smaller Model 20 extruder, since both extruders utilize the same extrusion screen(s).


Caleva’s unique roller system is designed to provide gentle, low pressure handling of pharmaceutical products in order to minimize the generation of heat during the extrusion process. Excessive heat generation during the extrusion process can result in: product degradation, high moisture loss and / or screen blinding (depending on the characteristics of the material being extruded).


The Model 35 Extruder can be furnished with a wide variety of extrusion screen hole diameters in order to suit the process requirements. The diameter of the holes in the extrusion screen is normally a function of the spheroid diameter that need to be produced from the extrudate.


The Caleva Model 35 Extruder is simple to use, clean,maintain and provides a broad range of quantities of extrudate from a few kgs. up to 200 kg/hr.


Should you need to produce spheroids from the extrudate, you can choose from the pilot /clinical batch size Model 380 spheronizer, the mid-size production Model 500 spheronizer or the large production Model 700 spheronizer to meet your needs. If you need to have a fully integrated and automated extrusion / spheronization system, Caleva’s  Model 380, 500, 700 or Model 700 Twin Spheronizer can be combined with the Caleva Model 35 screen type extruder.


Since the extrusion process is a continuous unit operation and the spheronization process is a batch unit operation, there can be a considerable amount of labor expended to transfer the extrudate from the extruder to the spheronizer.  The use of a twin spheronization system in combination with a single extruder immediately upgrades the overall operation to be a continuous process and completely eliminates the labor component from the entire process.


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  • Screen type continuous production extruder.
  • All extrusion screens have dilled (not laser cut or punched) holes.
  • Clear plastic magnetically interlocked safety cover.
  • Portable floor standing configuration.
  • Manual feed loading.
  • Simple operation.
  • Utilizes the same vertically oriented, full height screen as the benchtop Model Extruder 20, screen type extruder.
  • Requires one tool for assembly/disassembly
  • Very easy to clean
  • Allows expensive, potent & scarce, wet granulated materials to be extruded.
  • Low pressure extrusion.
  • Tri-roller assembly with smooth (not knurled) roller surface as standard.
  • Screw fastened removable rear access cover.
  • (2) lockable swivel wheels.
  • (2) non-lockable swivel wheels.
  • Pre-wired with external power cord.
  • Front mounted emergency E-Stop.
  • Integrated top mounted controls and display.
  • Power meter
    Water cooled back plate
    Power meter.
  • Product temperature measurement.
  • Water cooled back plate.
Size (approx.): 724mm (w) x 940mm(d) x 1,124mm(h)
Feed Configuration: Manual loading
Weight: 120 kg
Cabinet: Grained 304SS (open bottom)
Contact Parts: 316SS, food grade plastic and Polycarbonate
Controls: Top mounted control panel with LED display of roller assembly RPM, manual speed adjustment dial, power On / Running / Interlocks indicator lights and Start / Stop / Reset push buttons. Front mounted emergency E-Stop push button included.
Nomimal Processing Rte: 500g up to 200Kg per hour (product dependent).
Motor 2.2 kw
Screen Diameter: 150 mm
Options: Supplied with standard 1mm aperture screen. Other sizes available.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Screens with holes from 0.8mm-3.0mm diameter
  • Specialty screen configurations
  • Knurled rollers
  • Can be fully integrated with Twin Spheronizer
  • Installation, start-up & training
  • Product Contact Material Certificates
  • IQ/OQ Document Package
  • Product collection bins