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Model 20 Screen Extruder

Caleva Extruder 20

The Caleva Model 20 Extruder is a low pressure, vertically oriented radial screen type, laboratory bench top  extruder, designed for use in Pharmaceutical formulation development and small clinical trial production batches. The extrusion process can be scaled up from the Model 20 Extruder to Caleva’s screen type production extruders. This is possible because the same extrusion screen is used in either the lab or production applications thus eliminating the extrapolation due to size difference between the lab and production screen type extruders.


Caleva’s unique dual roller system is designed to provide gentle movement of wet granulated pharmaceutical formulations through the openings in the extrusion screen in order to minimize the generation of heat during the extrusion process. Too much heat generation during extrusion can cause product degradation, high moisture loss and/or blinding of the extrusion screen (depending upon the physical and/or chemical properties of the material being extruded).


The Model 20 Extruder can be furnished with extrusion screens having a variety of hole diameters in order to suit process requirements. The hole diameter of the extrusion screen is normally a function of the spheroid diameter that needs to be achieved. The Caleva Extruder 20 is simple to use, clean, maintain and provides you with a broad range of extrudate quantities ranging from 30 grams up to 25 kg/hr.


Should you need to produce spheroids from the extrudate, then the Caleva bench top  Multi-Bowl Speronizer (MBS) is required. The MBS can be equipped with a 60mm disc and bowl, 250 mm disc and bow which can easily handle outputs from the Model 20 Extruder up to a Kg. depending on the wet granulated material being extruded.


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  • Small Extruder
  • Minimum Batch Size - 30grams
  • Easily Fits In Isolator for Potent Compounds
  • Very Simple Operation
  • Requires No Tools For Assembly/Disassembly
  • Product Contact Parts 316SS & FDA Plastic
  • Furnished with a screen with 1mm diameter holes
  • Allows Expensive, Potent & Scarce Materials to be Extruded
  • Can produce as much as 25kg/hr
  • Feed is Manual
Size (approx.): 40x25x50 cm.
Weight: 25kg
Cabinet: 304SS
Contact Parts 316SS and acrylic
Motor Power: 250W AC
Operational Requirements: Front mounted panel with STOP/START buttons, POWER ON, MOTOR ON indicators for ease of use. A direct reading tachometer is incorporated showing extruder rotation speed. High powered geared motor driven by an inverter. Speed is set by an infinitely variable noncalibrated potentiometer. Power is supplied by a standard plug and socket connector. Requires a single phase electricity. 220/240v or 110/115v according to user requirement.
Output and Productivity: The effective minimum load requirement is about 30-50g. Output can be up to 25kg per hour, depending on characteristics of the material being extruded.
Product Feed: Manual, with feed tray positioned above inlet.
Standard Extrusion Screen: 150mm diameter with holes 1mm diameter x 1mm deep. May be exchanged for other sizes if required. A wide range of screen hole sizes are available. Please contact us for details.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Extrusion screens with holes from  0.5mm-3.0mm diameter.
  • Specialty screen configurations available.
  • Reduced height extrusion screen and roller assemblies.
  • DataStor-2 Data collection & reporting system.
  • Installation, start-up & training.
  • Product contact material certificates.
  • IQ/OQ documentation package.
  • Power Meter.