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Caleva Process Solutions Ltd: Caleva Wet Mass Extruders

Caleva, a UK based company, designs and manufactures extruders to work in concert with Caleva spheronizers.


The Caleva extruders that are available for use in the laboratory include the Mini-Screw extruder "(MSE)" and the Model 20 extruder.


The Mini-Screw extruder employs a low pressure, single, horizontal, helical screw in combination with a vertically oriented die, and was developed by Caleva to allow the Formulation Scientist to produce single or multiple extrudate for further processing or testing, even when there are only a few grams of granulate with which to work. The Mini-Screw extruder is generally used with the Multi-Bowl Spheronizer (MBS) configured with the 60 mm diameter disc and bowl.


The Caleva Model 20 extruder is a bench top, laboratory scale, low pressure, vertically oriented radial screen type extruder that is generally used in combination with the Multi-Bowl Spheronizer (MBS) configured with either the 120 or 250 mm diameter disk and bowl.


One of Caleva’s production extruders, the floor standing Model 35 extruder is like the bench top Model 20 extruder, being that they are both radial screen-type extruders. All results acquired using the Caleva Model 20 extruder are scalable to the Model 35 extruder.


For those products that require or can benefit from a higher density extrudate than that which can be attained through the use of the Model 20 or Model 35 screen-type extruders, consider a Caleva gear-type extruder. Laboratory through pilot plant production rates can be satisfied by the Model 40 gear-type extruder. The Caleva Model 100 gear-type extruder will satisfy higher production demand.


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