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AC Compacting: Dedusters

The AC Air Tablet Deduster is manufactured by AC Compacting in New Jersey. Designed to be cost effective and easy to assemble and clean, the AC Air Tablet Deduster utilizes a very low consumption piston driven air motor and can be completely disassembled in seconds.

All components, including the motor, are immersible. Height is adjustable with a gas spring assist, and the base can be manufactured in different configurations according to your specific needs.

The cleaning brush is held to the motor by rare earth magnets. This eliminates the small areas where excess material may hide, which allows very thorough cleaning of potent pharmaceutical compounds and eliminates cross contamination.

The Frogerais line of electric dedusters are GMP constructed of stainless steel and FDA approved plastics and designed for quick dismantling without tools.

AC Compacting Dedusters
  • Totaly Immersible in Water for Easy Cleaning
  • Very Low Air Consumption
  • No Tools Required for Disassembly
  • Adjusts to Any Size Tablet Press
  • Designed to Customer's Specifications

Frogerais Dedusters

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Simple to Operate
  • No Tools Required for Disassembly
  • Adjusts to Any Size Tablet Press
  • GMP Construction