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CI Electronics SP-4C Tablet/Capsule Checkweigher

Ci Electronics Model SP-4C Small Sample Tablet and Capsule Check Weigher

The NEW SP-4C is used for checking the weight of samples of tablets, capsules, or similar solid dosage forms regularly taken from a production line. The SP-4C provides accurate printed results eliminating the need for manual recording of weight data.


High precision sample checkweighing system handles any size or shape of tablet or capsule to provide statistical analysis and control for up to 20 production lines simultaneously. The SP-4C can store details of the name, code, target weight, type of product and the test method in the Product Library. Each product can be associated with a test method (i.e., sample size, interval, statistics) that is stored in the Method Library. The samples are compared to sets of limits stored in the unit’s Limit Library which can store multiple sets of limit definitions. These can include standard British, European, or US Pharmacopoeia limits, or user-defined limits defining Upper and Lower A and B limits and the pass/fail criteria. The SP-4C can be configured to limit library access to users with appropriate access authority and require a password if the password feature is enabled.


The operator simply loads the product into the SP-4C, uses the keyboard to select from a product library of up to 150 products and then sets the unit to run. It automatically weighs each item, up to the specified sample quantity. Once the pre-set sample size has been weighed the bowl feeder is activated to remove all samples from the bowl. The sample results, with statistics, are printed on a standard USB printer.


Sample results of a particular batch and product monitored on that line can be accumulated and a batch summary printed at any time. The printout shows the product name, batch number, time sample taken and SP-4C serial number. It lists the individual weights of the sample and shows the mean weight, the SD and CV. The operator is alerted to a drift from the target weight and sample failures are clearly indicated on the printout. There is a Sample Verdict Option that automatically indicates pass⁄fail status with alarm for sample failures.

Off-Line Samples:

The SP-4C has the ability to take "off-line" samples, where the test results are not accumulated in the unit’s memory. Users may wish to use this feature during the configuration of a tablet press or capsule-filling machine.

Remote Mode:

The SP-4C has a "Remote Mode" allowing it to be integrated with other applications using an RJ 45 Ethernet connection. The Remote Mode allows data to be exchanged to- and from- a remote host application using common Windows and XML protocols. When in remote mode the user interface is disabled preventing the operator from accessing the batch settings. Details of the interface design and data requirements are included within the optional SP-4C Validation Documents

  • Choice of British, European, US standard or User-Defined limits
  • Up to 20 product lines can be monitored concurrently
  • Stores the name, code and target weight of up to 150 products in its Product Library
  • NEW - Sample Verdict Option to indicate “Pass⁄Fail” status with alarm for failed samples
  • Weighs virtually any size tablet or capsule
  • Multi-level access control with password protection
  • Accurate and Comprehensive Sample⁄Batch Reports with statistics printed on standard USB printer
  • Contact parts are 316 Stainless Steel or food grade Nylon
  • Network printing option
  • “Remote Mode” operation


Weight Range: 0 to 2g
Balance Readability: 0.1mg
Reproducibility: ± 0.5mg to 3 SD
Taring: Automatic zero prior to each sample
Sample Size: Up to 1000 tablets/capsules
Product and Method Library: Details of 150 Products and 50 Methods can be stored
Operator Product Lines: Up to 20 separate batches can be controlled at a time
Limits: 20 sets of limits can be stored, including standard European, British and US Pharmacopoeia limits for tablets and capsules as well as customer specific limits.
Air Supply: 3-5 bar (43-73 PSI)
Supply Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 HZ
Power Consumption: 120VA
Data Output Connections: RJ45 Ethernet
  • Validation Documentation DVD, (Design & Functionality)
  • IQ Document and IQ/OQ Template
  • Accessories Pack
  • Combined Spare Parts Pack & Accessories Pack
  • SP Connect Software Suite (Basic Data Transfer to a PC)
  • SP Connect software validation documentation
  • SP-Connect Additional Server Licence