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Neopackaging NBM-65

The Neopackaging Model NBM-65 Automatic Blister Machine

The Neopackaging NBM-65 automatic blister machine is designed for small scale production environments (60 blister packs per minute) and is especially suited for R&D, pilot plant, clinical trials and galenic solid dosage oral form development. A number of different products can be packaged with just one platform.

This machine is ideal for research and development and other types of packaging environments with low production requirements. It automatically forms the blisters, inserts the dosage forms, seals the film and then die cuts the film into individual blister packs. It can hot form PVC, PVC-PVC-PVDC and optionally cold form Alu laminates.

The NBM 65 is designed to cGMP guidelines, with a stainless steel cabinet and acrylic covers equipped with safety interlocks and security alarms. Control is accomplished by use of a user friendly Allen-Bradley® touch panel with an Allen-Bradley® PLC.


On the standard machine, manual loading of the product is facilitated by a 430mm loading zone that is easily accessible on both sides. The loading tray is manufactured of AISI 316 stainless steel. Loading trays with powder aspiration, automatic and semi-automatic feeders are available as options.


A cooling circuit, which is ready to be connected to tap water or an optional closed loop cooler, is included.


The film heating zone utilizes a tunnel-type foil heater with Teflon coated plates and individual upper and lower temperature controls, making it suitable for multi-laminated foils, such as Aclar® and PVC-PVDC films. The positive air pressure forming station is mounted on steel columns and is capable of forming blisters to a depth of 12mm. A pneumatic cold forming station for Aluminum laminates and mechanically assisted forming for Aclar® are available as options.


Pneumatic actuators are used throughout with individual filters and regulators for each station. The pneumatic system, which uses standard, off-the-shelf Festo® components, is oil and maintenance free.


The flat thermo sealing station uses a heated plate with pneumatic actuators with standard steel ‘T’ Digits coding.


The pneumatic die cutting section includes a scrap cutter with the cutting tool.


It is easy to change the blister format on the NBM 65 which makes product changeover quick and easy.



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  • The NBM-65 is one of the smallest blister packaging machines available on the market today
  • Ideal for galenic development, R&D and pilot plant operations
  • Quick and easy product change over
  • Capable of forming PVC, PVC⁄PVD, PCTFE (Aclar®), Alu⁄Alu, PET⁄PE
  • User friendly, Allen-Bradley® HMI and PLC controls
  • Maintenance and oil free pneumatic actuators
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Forming Reel (PVC, PVC-PVDC, Alu Cold Forming)
  • Lidding foil reel (Alu)
  • Automatic tunnel type heating station with individual (upper and lower) temperature controls
  • Teflon coated forming plates to avoid sticking
  • Blisters formed by positive pressure
  • Manual feeding of product
  • Pneumatic sealing of product
  • Pneumatic die cutting system
  • Automatic scrap cutting
Specifications, Neopackaging NBM-65 Blister Machine:
Maximum Production Rate (1) 90 Blisters/minute
Production Speed(1) 5 to 30 cycles/minute
Maximum Die Cutting Range 70 x 100mm
Forming Depth Max 10mm (optional up to 25mm)
Maximum Indexing Length 75mm
Forming Foil:
Forming Foil Thermoplastic: PVC, PVC-PVdC, PVC-Aclar, PET, etc.
Cold forming: (Alu-Alu)
Maximum Width: 110mm
Maximum Bobbin Diameter 300mm
Maximum Thickness 300 microns (optional up to 600 µ)
Lidding Foil:
Lidding Foil Material Alu, Paper, etc.
Maximum Width 105mm
Maximum Bobbin Diameter 250mm
Utilities and Dimensions:
Power Supply 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 2 Kw
Water Consumption 50 liters/hour @ 15/18 ° C
Air Consumption 300 liters/minute @ 6 bar
Dimensions (mm) 1800L X 600W X 1360H
Net Weight 300 Kg

1Actual production speeds will depend on form characteristics and other factors.

Specifications may be subject to change without notice

  • Forming station:
    • Mechanically-assisted forming station
    • Pneumatic Aluminum cold forming system
    • Perforation station
    • Extended forming depth up to 25mm
  • Feeders:
    • Automatic universal feeder
    • Semi-automatic feeder
    • Loading tray with powder aspiration
  • Controls:
    • High resolution color inspection
    • Pin hole and micro fissure detection
    • Rejection system
  • Print mark registration
  • Chilling device
  • IQ/OQ Documentation


There are many other available options that are not listed here. Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your project in further detail.