Originally started as a division of Arnhold Ceramics, AC Compacting is in continuous operation since our founding in 1954. AC Compacting is a full service stocking distributor serving the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with solid dosage and advanced powder conversion technologies used in the pharmaceutical, agro-sciences, energy, chemical and specialty materials industries.

Our 24,000 square foot service center is conveniently located in central New Jersey industrial corridor and houses our testing & demonstration lab, spare parts warehouse and workshop with mechanical, electronic, integration and prototyping capabilities.

Our experienced staff of engineers, technicians, formulators and customer support specialists are available to help you with your processing, testing, and quality control challenges.


Arnhold Ceramics was founded by Henry Arnhold, a German immigrant of aristocratic background. The Arnhold family were generational leaders in the fine ceramics industry centered in Dresden, Germany. With the help of the similarly prominent Seligmann family, Mr. Arnhold escaped from Nazi oppression in the late 1930's and eventually found his way to America where together with the Seligman's he soon established the firm that would be known as AC Compacting Inc. Started as a small operation specializing in the production of industrial ceramics, AC quickly established a reputation for quality products, on time delivery and ethical business practices. The start of WWII greatly increased the demand for industrial ceramics used mainly in the electrical and burgeoning electronics fields. The industrial boom that followed the war with an increasing demand for more sophisticated electronics, gave impetus to AC's services and placed ever greater demands for more intricate and complex ceramic and metallurgical components.

Fred Schaa, a highly accomplished ceramics engineer was brought on-board to manage the technical operations. As the world's largest single user of German-sourced precision presses, an agreement was made in 1954 to establish AC Compacting Presses Inc. as a service and distribution center to support the many hundreds of machines then in use across North America. AC's reputation for quality and service soon drew the attention of other press manufacturers serving different market segments and by the early 1970's AC Compacting Presses moved to its current location at 1577 Livingston Ave. in North Brunswick, NJ in order to be centrally located to the pharmaceutical industry which now comprised the fastest growing segment of AC's activities.

AC Compacting Presses continued to apply their expertise across a range of industries through the 1980's including: metallurgy, ceramics, chemical, nuclear fuel, pyrotechnic and pharmaceuticals but changing technologies and market conditions caused a shift in focus in the 1990's through the early 2000's away from the industrial applications and towards the health care sector. Fred's son, Paul E. Schaa, took over sales and eventually the management of the company and in 2000 led the formation of AC Compacting LLC. Today AC Compacting offers a diversified range of technologies and services to the health care and specialty materials industries with a focus on product development while maintaining the expertise of a seasoned team with long experience in scale-up and manufacturing. Today our company is still guided by the principles of the founders as we leverage over 65 years of know-how in providing legacy customers with machinery and technical support in the industrial manufacturing sectors. In a fast moving business environment we bring a depth of experience that allows us to assist with proof-of-concept, process/formulation design and process optimization. Our clients find that by working with AC Compacting LLC they can quickly and economically determine the viability of a technical approach and precisely identify the right tools for the job.

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